Bucher Close

CP Foods


Chompoo Araya A. Hargate, a celebrity actress meets Mr. Bücher in a new commercial introducing the new Bücher Schweinwurst Sausage. See the reactions of Mr. Bücher when he meets the Thai star and how she can’t simply stop eating.

MG6 Close

MG Cars


The legendary British automotive brand is back. MG6 is the first model to be launched here in Thailand. The brand new look comes with the same passionate racing spirit for those who crave the thrilling driving experience. This commercial shows the audience just that!

Mitr Phol Sugar Close

Mitr Phol

Mitr Phol Sugar

Many don’t realize that producing sugar can contribute to a greener world. This commercial shows how sugarcane, the main raw material for sugar, can be used to produce many things that are environmental friendly which makes Mitr Phol not just another ordinary sugar producer.

Wear More For Songkran Close

Tesco Lotus

Wear More For Songkran

As a partner of Thai families, Tesco Lotus encouraged people to dress conservatively during Songkran.

PT Max Card Close

PTG Energy

PT Max Card

PT launched a new loyalty program where those who buy gas from PT can collect points and redeem for prizes. This commercial demonstrates how much it would hurt to miss the chance to get all the prizes if you do not apply for PT Max Card right away.

Beijing Duck Close


Beijing Duck

This campaign was created as a teaser online which eventually went viral.